Studies show the need for Fulvic Acid

If the diet does not replenish the alkaline minerals needed, the body stores are called upon. This condition forces the body to borrow from vital organs and bones

What are the benefits of Fulvic Enhanced products?

  • Mental alertness and calming ability

  • Increased bone mineral density

  • Electrolyte boost for supercharged endurance

  • Improved circulation

  • A kick in oxygen levels and muscle performance

  • Less pain and better mobility and joint health

  • Improvement on soft tissue damage to tendons and ligaments

  • Prevents lactic acid build up

  • Encourages the repair of cartilage

  • Cleans fatty liver

  • Improved eye health

  • Faster recovery time and less muscle stiffness

  • Helps bind and dispose of heavy metals

  • Ability to induce the activation of leucocytes for improved bone regeneration

Your body’s PH is an indication of your health



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Fulvic has enhanced my stamina and helped achieve my personal bests since taking the products
MEGAN MCLUCKIE, Sports Ambassador

Fulvic and Wonder Water has helped my endurance and recovery process in the last two years

PRODIGAL KHUMALO, 8th Overall Comrades Marathon

Fulvic supports my body with recovery so that I can continue doing what I love and still reach the goals I have set for myself