5 litre Molecular Clustered Water


Hexagonal Clustered Wonder Water 5 LTR

Energizing Alkaline Water

Clustered Alkaline water may be the best supplement you can put in your body. It energises the body, hydrates cells and organs. It promotes nutrient absorption and improvs metabolic efficiency

Hydrates within 4 minutes.

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5 litre Molecular Clustered Water

Acts as a solvent to dissolve nutrients, a transportant to carry nutrients and oxygen, a lubricant to lubricate joints & moving parts, a coolant to keep the body from overheating and organ failure, a dispersant to get rid of toxins. Blood sugar levels move in the direction of normalization with regular consumption. Hexagonal Water improves cell water turnover and supports metabolic efficiency.

Better Hydration:

As we get older we have to drink more and more water to ensure proper hydration. If you are not hydrated you become acidic and disease thrives in an acidic environement.

Safer and faster detoxifaction:

Acid is a silent enemy in the human body. It breaks down cells, aggravates cancer, and damages the tissue that makes up your organs. So what’s the solution?Improve your alkalinity with hexagonal alkaline water.With effective cleansing you have increased energy and mental clarity.

Better Metabolic Activity:

Hexagonal water allows the enzymes in our bodies that work on metabolim to become more active and thus perform better.

Improved Immunity:

Hexagonal water surrounds healthy DNA and improves cellular activity, it improves the immune system.

Better Cellular Communication:

Hexagonal water is in a form that our trillions of cells can accept easier and faster.

Calcium Connection:

According to the molecular water environment theory, it is necessary to consumeHexagonal Water along with Calcium so that it can be used more efficiently at thecellular level.Without the hexagonal water it would be like pouring water into a container with no bottom.


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