Advanced Multibillion Dophilus 60 Tabs


This is the strongest of Solgar’s Enhanced Series range of probiotic supplements, providing The formula includes four strains of bacteria that have been widely researched, including Lactobacillus rhamnosis, the most researched of all probiotic strains.




Advanced Multibillion Dophilus 60 Tabs

The specific organisms in Solgar’s enhanced series probiotics have been the subject of over 200 scientific studies, with Advanced Multi-Billion Dophilus providing equal numbers of L.acidophilus [la5]®, B. Lactis [bb12]®, L.paracasei [crl431]® and L.rhamnosus [lgg]®.

  • Allergen free- no soy, dairy, eggs or wheat
  • Bile and stomach acid resilient strains
  • Protective polysaccharide matrix
  • 5 billion micro-organisms per vegicap


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