Fulvic Excel 120 Veggie Caps


Organic Fulvic Enhanced Antioxidant

Enhanced Nutrient Uptake with Added Joint Support

This fomula was designed specifically for an active lifestyle. Fulvic is the first nutritional supplement to contain trace amounts of up to 84 mineral phyto-nutrients, amino acids and microbials. Fuliv Acid has been shown to improve gut health, boost immune system, detox your body and it contains anti-inflammatory benefits.

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Fulvic Excel 120 Veggie Caps

Fulvic Acid is the key to regenerative nutrition and speeded healing and is essential for vitamin and mineral absorption. This product is particularly useful in the therapy and recover after accident, speeds healing of bone, tendon, muscle and ligament injuries. Used for prevention of illness and degenerative conditions. Anti-inflammatory benefits to ease joint pain and mobility.New bone growth is improved. Unique ability to break down toxins and pollutants such as heavy metals. Excellent for low muscle and bone density and arthritic conditions. Helps vitamins are unable to perform their function. Better absorption or assimilation of other constituents. With regular use, the intake enhances liver function

Registry Number Department of Health 149725


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