Unlock the power of nature from within

Since 1947 Solgar has been committed to excellence using only the best ingredients in our carefully designed, advanced formulations. Using science , we unlock the power of nature, so you can feel good and enjoy every moment, every day.

  • Daily Wellbeing and Men’s Health

  • Women’s Health and Digestion

  • Beauty, Bone and Joint

  • Health, Energy and Relaxation

  • Immunity, Botanicals and Speciality

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Fulvic Health

Fulvic acid is truly a remarkable natural compound. Not well known to general public but studied extensively by scientists and researchers around the world, it is a substance as critical to life as oxygen, water and sun rays.
It is for everyone: healthy and active people looking for energy, wellbeing and protection, sport people striving for increased endurance, quicker recovery and guarding against injuries, as well as people afflicted with different, often serious, conditions.

  • Eliminate Toxins, Enrich Nutritional Value, Increase Bioavailability

  • Higher Potency, Balance Hormones & pH, Strengthen Immunity

  • Improve Memory, Increase Metabolism, Reduce Inflammation

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